Thisted Bryghus

Danish brewery with a strong commitment to quality, sustainability and traditional brewing methods.

Packaging design

Alkoholfri series

This series draw inspiration from the solid Danish nature. The title, featuring organic shapes with movement, is eye-catching and emphasizes the constantly changing nature.

With it’s fresh and modern color scheme, the label design sets the series apart from other non-alcoholic beers and showcases the brewery’s commitment to quality and tradition. Each beer in the series has it’s unique label design, reflecting it’s distinct taste and making it easily recognizable on store shelves.





Alkoholfri Classic

With fresh taste and natural aroma, it will not only be an alternative, but a first choice. Enjoyed cold and preferably for lunch.

Alkoholfri IPA

With a high content of hop and notes of fruit, the taste is exactly as an IPA should be. The bitterness is great with burgers and savory menus.



Thy series

This series takes it’s inspiration from the stunning white sandy beaches of Thy in northern Denmark. The label design, featuring crisp and clean graphics, reflects the natural beauty of the region. The title is eye-catching and serves as a great representation of the purity and crispness of the beer.

Each beer in the Thy series has it’s own distinct flavor, and the label design reflects this, making it easy for customers to recognize and choose their preferred beer.