Update of the corporate visual identity for Shaping New Tomorrow.

Brand identity

In response to changes in the market and consumer preferences, SNT decided to develop a new Corporate Visual Identity (CVI) that better reflects its values, mission, and target audience.

This case study will explore the research and analysis that informed the design decisions, the key elements of the new visual identity, and the implementation and evaluation of the new branding strategy.

It was clear from the beginning, that the CVI should reflect SNT’s commitment to innovation and the technology features of the products.

This was achieved through the use of bold, modern design elements that convey a sense of technology and innovation. For example, the use of clean, geometric shapes, bright colors, and minimalist typography creates a visual identity that is both eye-catching and modern.

The overall goal was to set SNT apart from competitors and attracts customers who value innovation and forward-thinking design.

The first step was to identify the brand’s values, mission, and target audience, as well as the company’s unique selling points and competitive advantage.

The next step was to create a visual identity that communicates the brand’s essence, personality, and positioning. This included choosing a new color scheme, typography, brand mark, and other visual elements that will be consistent across all brand touchpoints, from packaging and advertising to website design and social media profiles.

Once the visual identity was established, it was important to ensure consistency and coherence in the implementation phase. This was achieved through clear brand guidelines that outline how the visual identity should be used in different contexts and by different stakeholders, such as employees, designers, and partners.

Creating brand guidelines is a critical step in ensuring consistency and coherence in a company’s visual identity and messaging. However, sharing these guidelines across departments and countries can be challenging, especially when working with a large organization. This was solved by creating an online brand book in a centralized, easily accessible format.

It is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of the new CVI over time, through metrics such as brand awareness, customer perception, and sales performance. This will enable SNT to refine and adapt its visual identity as needed, in response to changing market trends and customer needs.