Fall/Winter collection campaign for Shaping New Tomorrow.

Art direction, 360° campaign

Introducing Momentum – Shaping New Tomorrow’s fall/winter collection that defies convention and takes fashion to new heights. Shot amidst the bustling energy of the metro station, this collection embodies the spirit of urban innovation and forward momentum.

I was part of this project from concept to creation, and I’m excited to share the highlights.

Together with the team, we sculpted the narrative and vision behind Momentum, aiming to capture the dynamic spirit of urban living. We wanted to highlight the busy everyday life in the city, and the ease of keeping momentum in our clothing.

After the campaign outlines was developed, we went to a metro station in Hamburg – the perfect backdrop to connect our thoughts from the concept creation phase. Working closely with photographers, models, and stylists, we ensured that our vision came to life in each shot. The station’s vibrant energy infused authenticity into every frame, making it a memorable location choice.

When we came back, it was time to create assets for various channels and our physical stores. Collaborating with the marketing team, we ensured that our message remained consistent and impactful across all platforms, from social media to in-store displays.

Collection description

We’ve all been there: in the fall and winter, you can go from one microclimate to the next, in a matter of minutes. You step out the door in the freezing cold, get on the subway, and the next thing you know is that you’re drenched in sweat. And it’s not just that: Who hasn’t been invited to a spontaneous event when all you wanted to do is spend the evening in sweats, or you are out and about with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing?

That’s where we step in. Our clothes provide warmth and prevent sweat, they add easy layers and look great in any situation – in addition to the fact that they are really extremely comfortable. You will never see the need to stop at home for an outfit change again (not that you have the time for that), and will always feel confident that you are wearing exactly the right thing.

In our campaign, we showcase new and familiar styles and materials that adapt to any challenge you throw at them: be it the weather, a temperamental heater or your mother-in-law’s critical eye. Nothing can stop you on your way – because you’ve got momentum.