Summer collection campaign for Shaping New Tomorrow.

Art direction, 360° campaign

Shaping New Tomorrows summer collection, Mirage, was shot in the stunning country of Morocco by the incredible production team. The collection features a range of stylish and classic clothing items that can stand the heat.

The photo shoot for the Mirage collection was conducted in the peaceful desert landscapes. The stunning backdrops of this location perfectly complements the clothing, creating a beautiful fusion of fashion and nature.

The campaign logo for the Mirage collection features a field blur effect that creates a sense of heat and warmth, perfectly capturing the essence of the desert location where the collection was shot. The logo is yellow, which not only adds a pop of color to the design but also complements the sandy backdrop and blue sky of the Moroccan landscape. Overall, the logo is a striking representation of the Mirage collection, evoking a sense of summer, sunshine, and effortless style.

Collection description

Feel the heat this summer, but don’t be fooled by it; no mirage can distort how good-looking and comfortable our clothes are. Extreme weather calls for styles that are up for the task, so this summer we bring our styles to the desert for the ultimate test. And our new styles are not only made to endure extreme heat; they’ll really show off in wet conditions too.

Our new summer collection will make your wildest summer dreams come true. You’ll find classics you know and love in seasonal colors as well as new technical pieces made specifically for the summer season. The new clothes will prepare you for any activity you might plan on doing, no matter where you’re spending your summer.