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In my previous role at Conexia, I was responsible for a diverse range of creative projects, from concept development to final execution. I collaborated with a talented team to create compelling brand identities, executing marketing campaigns that effectively communicated our clients’ messaging and values to their target audience.

I had the opportunity to revamp the visual identity. The goal was to create a new look that accurately reflected the agency’s approach to marketing and their passion for delivering results for their clients. After an in-depth discovery process, I developed a new logo, color scheme, and visual language that captures the spirit of the agency and positions them for continued success in the highly competitive advertising industry.


Aktuel is a café located in the center of Aalborg that offers delicious, organic dishes. The café sought a visual identity with a simple and clean expression to differentiate itself from other food options in the city.

The logo features a unique font created from geometric shapes, aimed to provide recognition for customers and offer limitless possibilities for use. The use of color adds a lively and vibrant touch to the overall identity.

Our services included designing menu cards, signage, posters, and social media content.

DK Food Brokers

DK Food Brokers, a supplier of canned seafood and fresh meat, needed a new brand identity and logo to better represent their business and values. A strong and cohesive visual identity would help them to stand out in the competitive food industry and attract new customers.

Through research and exploration, we worked to develop a new visual identity that would accurately reflect the brand and help them to achieve their business goals and visualize their commitment to quality and sustainability.


Penando is a farm technology company with global solutions. We developed a new brand identity and logo to project a consistent and innovative image. We began with research, explored concepts, and iterated until a final design was chosen.

The new brand identity and logo capture the essence of Penando’s brand, reflecting their innovative spirit, technological expertise, and dedication to supporting farmers with high-quality solutions.