Astro Burger

Futuristic burger concept that offers the best take away in this part of the galaxy.

Brand identity, packaging design

Astro Burger is a futuristic burger concept that offers a unique dining experience unlike any other. The menu features burgers made from out-of-this-world ingredients. The restaurant boasts advanced technology, including augmented reality displays, interactive ordering systems, and robotic chefs. Diners can enjoy their meals in a space-themed environment with zero-gravity seating and intergalactic decor. Whether you’re a foodie or a space enthusiast, Astro Burger is the ultimate destination for a truly one-of-a-kind meal.




Astro Burger has a bold and vibrant color scheme. The rich, deep blue provides a strong base and a feeling of stability. The bright, energetic pink adds a playful and youthful touch to the palette. Finally, the fresh, mint green that brings a sense of nature and balance to the mix. Together, these colors create a dynamic and eclectic mix that is perfect for this unique burger experience.